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The easiest way to end frustration, limitation and lack is to learn to connect with the power of the True YOU so you can manifest the amazing life you desire and deserve 

“Everything you need to navigate your journey successfully lies within you”
~Debbie Brickell 

Welcome to Manifesting Made Easy

We’re excited that you found us. We are dedicated to getting you solidly on your manifesting path so that you can end the repeated frustrations, limitations, and inner confusion, and get start seeing manifesting results NOW.

Our approach to manifesting is very different than what you may have experienced in the past.

After 40 years of working with manifesting energies and learning from master manifesting and spiritual guides this is the manifesting secret that we have discovered.

In every step of your life there is a guide who has been with you from the very beginning.   A guide whose voice you have learned NOT to hear.   However it is a guide that holds the answers to your greatest life questions.

This miraculous guide dwells inside your heart and we call it “The True YOU”.

The Truth of this True YOU fact is recorded throughout the pages of history. The greatest figures that have ever lived talk about their seemingly magical inspirations. Some call it “Their Guiding Light” “Soul Essence”, “Inner Muse”, etc. In fact, Napoleon Hill speaks about it as his “Other Self” and calls it the secret to the most successful people who have every lived.

History shows that all successful creators experience the same thing — A direct connection to the source of the True Self- The True YOU.

Our intention is to empower you to manifest your successful life from this remarkable place – the place of the True YOU connection.

 We inspire you to light the flame and keep it burning brightly every day through the free Amazing YOU daily Inspirations.

 Will you join us? Request the “Amazing YOU” daily inspirational messages from the True YOU Here >

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