Love-isSo what is love anyway?

What does it take to thrive and consciously manifest what you’re seeking?

As I have been channeling information about thriving and consciously manifesting in these energies, my guides have been talking to me a lot about love.

They say that being “in the loving” is necessary to manifest things that we will really enjoy.  They add that being “in the loving” is necessary if we want to be happy, healthy and live thriving lives.

As I listened to them I realized that I really didn’t understand what love really is.  So I asked them: “What is love anyway?” Read the rest of this entry

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This blog is about how to use your own awareness to manifest more deliberately in these new energies.

For months now, I’ve received tons of higher guidance about the changes in our matrix. This information is focused on what we need to know in order to take advantage of our expanded capacity to create and for easier manifesting in these new energies.

In the old energy (pre 2012) we learned that all we needed to do for manifesting was to picture what we wanted, focus on it, get into a good vibrational feeling tone and viola’ it should appear. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Valentines Day

ValentinesOn this day of love, I have been inspired to share this message I was given some time ago. I hope it resonates with you.

You are loved.

No matter what you have done,
No matter what you have not done,
No matter how you feel,
No matter what has happened in your past or what will happen in your future,
No matter how you see yourself or how you see others,
No matter what — you are and will always be loved

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Solar-Eclipse-2013The last eclipse of this year, a rare hybrid eclipse occurs this coming Sunday November 3rd.

We are in the midst of a powerful Mercury Retrograde, along with large solar flares.

What does all this mean?

My guides say that this is a time of deep clearing as you already know.

Issues are surfacing so you can see what needs to clear so you can enter the more rapid energies of 2014 and beyond in a more positive and peaceful state.  These are intense times. Read the rest of this entry

Mercury-Retrograde-in-Scorpio_edited-1That’s the question I asked my guides this morning as I felt the pain, one more time, of being invisible and needing to make others feel good about themselves, even if what they’re doing doesn’t feel good to me.

First I was reminded that we are in the midst of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, a time of very deep clearing and cleansing.

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological period that takes place 3 times a year that gives us the opportunity to face our inner and outer challenges in service to clearing them.


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Does the voice of self-condemnation subtly come up inside of you, accusing you of being lazy?

Do you sometimes hear those internal, nagging questions, “Am I crazy? What am I thinking? I’m just making this stuff up, right?”

Or, perhaps it’s that old familiar voice inside that says you don’t fit in or don’t measure up?

I know that I sure do and have for quite some time.

In fact, one of the biggest blocks I’ve had to overcome was around completing new offerings for my business because the  “voice of doubt” loomed so large in my mental mind.

This week as I connected with the White Light Masters I received this message:

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You-must-believe_edited-1Tips for Manifesting

In the new energies of 2013 and beyond

To effectively utilize the “Law of Creation” to create what you really want, you must BELIEVE fully in YOUR ability and YOUR RIGHT to create what you want.

While most of us think we believe that we are the “creator of our reality”, in truth we really don’t believe it.

If you really believed that you create your reality, then whenever you are upset or disappointed you would ask “what is it inside of me that is creating this?”

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It’s a little embarrassing to write about this, but I know that there are others of you who experience the same thing. So I’m sharing this article this morning, mostly for me, but also for you.

Being a Spiritual Practitioner has been really challenging for me at times  because my business is a reflection of what is going on inside of me.

As I face my own internal ego challenges, I often see them reflected in the way people respond to my business and my offerings.

Often times, I will put huge effort into a class, workshop or offering, and I will get little or no response.

Other times, I get a great response.

What’s the difference?

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New Information for Easier Manifesting

Beyond-the-LOA-I am continuing to receive guidance about how to manifest more successfully in these new energies.

Today, I’d like to share my latest information with you.

It’s important to understand, manifesting in the new energies is different than it was last year, before the shift.

Before the shift you only had access to the Law of Attraction to co-create your manifestations.


Today you not only have access to the Law of Attraction, you are beginning to have access to a much more powerful Universal Law called the Law of Creation.
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Are you feeling confused and can’t understand why so many challenging situations are happening around you and to you?

If so, you’re not alone.  It’s very likely that you are actually experiencing a deep clearing.

This is a time of deep inner clearing.   In fact, one well-known channel that I enjoy has dubbed 2013, “The year of Poop.”

I interpret that to mean that this is the year that we are being pushed to release what no longer serves us.

Why is this happening?

It’s occurring so we can all make room to Thrive more easily in newer energies of 2014 and beyond. Although this clearing doesn’t feel good, it serves us in a huge and amazing way.

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