Angie-Buskohl-1-(2)-copy-2 Thank you so much for working with me in helping me transform, get unstuck, heal my soul and move my life in amazing new directions. You are living your souls purpose in an amazing way. My work with Debbie is to say the least, Life Transforming.In working with her I was able to release so many energies from this life and past lives that kept me from being all that I can be. The good of this transformational experience was worth it all.I worried some about investing the money for this service but somehow knew I needed to do this. So I did and I am so very very grateful. My heart overflows with gratitude.
Angela Buskohl
Angelic, Intuitive Medium

Alycia Thank you for your help.  Your presence and specific knowledge assisted me in to my own certainty and clarity on a whole other level and created a whole new level of peace today that I have yet to experience.  The Karma clearing was priceless. I had been working on that particular issue for years.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Alycia Schlesinger
Inspirational Speaker, Intuitive Healer, NLP Practitioner
Liberation through Inspiration
 Joy Brugh After working with Deb in just a few weeks I had several new clients and more then doubled my income and my events were finally filling up.  I knew I was on the right path and dived deeper by signing up for her 8 sessions program.  There is no way I could list all of the growth that I had in just a paragraph.  It was leaps and bounds.
Joy Brugh

Women’s Wisdom Coach & Energetic Healer
Stella The Intuitive Processes removed a huge block of fear from me around success, which helped me shift so that I began to deeply value my self and my work. It also helped me with direction and vision in ways I would never have imagined. I doubled my income in a month!! Debbie is an amazing facilitator: wise, inspired, gifted, unerringly supportive, compassionate and great fun! Her calling is this – to help others see their gifts, and then create amazing lives with them!! She is a divine and wise presence on the planet.
Stella Davies
shelley-saunders-edited “Your sessions helped me to open up and explore the real me.  The sessions gave me confidence that it was ok to breathe and relax and explore options.  It was through these sessions that I opened up to my Soul and its purpose.
Shelley Sanders

Intuitve & Medium
leslie Deb’s work, clearing old wounds and traumas from my energy field, made room for a significant shift on a deep cellular level.  What was once a pattern of limitation and constriction shifted into a feeling of liberation and freedom. Deb’s intuitive healing gifts and presence continue to make a profound difference in my life, on so many levels.
Leslie Huber

Reiki Master, Holistic Wellness Coach, Editor
candi-wuhrman-photo Through my work with Deb I was able to tap into my inner knowing and gain the clarity I was seeking. I worked through the ego resistance that was keeping me stuck. As a result the fear and resistance has been removed and I am now reconnected with my heartfelt love and joy for my path towards chaplaincy. Deb operates at a high level of intuitive guidance and spiritual energy. That was the energy that I needed to help me clarify my direction and move to the next level of consciousness on my journey.
Candi Wuhrman

Spiritual Life Coach
Jason Deb’s work shifts energy healing, intuitive guidance and explorations into consciousness up several notches to advanced human evolution. She will take you exactly where you need to go inside yourself and into the big picture of human consciousness to heal, transform and thrive.  Her work teaches you how to live your life energetically and shift with the great shifts of 2012 Consciousness.  Deb’s many years of absorbing techniques and methods are balanced by her strong, spontaneous and in the moment gifts as an energy alchemist. Deb’s work is down to earth and yet not of this earth.  It is stellar!
Jason Morgan

Energy Master and Healer
Amyra The work we did together to clear limiting beliefs and patterns, as well as energetic elements was profound.  Deb is very connected and is a loving and powerful clear channel for Spirit. Through her skill and the information she channeled, I was able to experience profound healing.As a result, I no longer feel the resistance to stepping forward into my work and many new opportunities to serve have shown up.I would not hesitate to seek Deb’s assistance in the future. I count her as one of the most important people in my support system.
Amyra Braha

Grief Counselor
Laura Debbie is a Healer’s healer and a Teacher’s teacher who understands the journey a Lightworker walks.  Debbie has helped me to find clarity and purpose in my work and enabled me to see the vision of what I could create. Through our work together I have cleared past life karma that was hindering my progress. As a side benefit, she has helped me to be able to hear my guides clearly and communicate with them playfully as I resolve my blocks and issues.
Laura Biswas

ElizabethLee Working with Deb has helped me find my passion, my voice, and the courage to express myself and stand in my truth. During our work together I tapped into my Soul Purpose as an Animal Communicator and with her help I am now working as a professional Animal Communicator.   Thanks to Deb and as a result  of living my purpose I am much healthier and happier than I have been in a long time.
Elizabeth Lee

Animal Communicator
Katy DeBra Deb is a dynamo! The breadth and depth of her life experience and training is vast, and she brings it ALL to each of her clients in the unique way that each of us needs. I have received the highest possible level of emotional support, deep energetic healing and clearing all combined with practical action steps, accountability and business guidance. Debbie Brickell is a one-stop shop if you will: energy healer, clear channel and Spiritual guide meets business and life coach. Her work is the best of so many different programs and classes I have tried along the way. It’s mystical and practical.
Katy DeBra

Intuitive Artist